7 Things Marriage Counsellors Don’t Want You to Know

If you knew these things, you wouldn’t need a marriage counsellor, would you? These secrets come from the book, How to Survive the Crisis of an Affair.

What Your Marriage Counsellor Doesn’t Want You to Know

1. Sixty-nine per cent of all arguments between you and your partner will never be resolved. So don’t try so hard. (Here are seven easy ways to make your relationship last.)

2. A couple that doesn’t fight is in trouble. (Check out the most effective strategies for sorting out 10 common lover’s quarrels.)

3. Having a “good enough” marriage is the most couples can expect and is actually quite an accomplishment. (Saying these little phrases daily to your husband or wife could help you stay close.)

4. Letting go is sometimes better than discussing everything to death. (Check out The 7 Stages of Marriage.)

5. Respect, not sex or money, is the most important factor in a happy marriage. (Learn why movie sex is ruining your relationship.)

6. There are marital breaches worse than an affair. (Looking to get over a breakup? Here are 15 things you should never do.)

7. A therapist cannot teach, train, or guide you to “be happy.” That is not a reasonable outcome to expect from therapy. (Psychologist and marriage expert John Gottman debunks seven common marriage myths.)

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