Love Tips from Georges Laraque

Looking for advice on how to woo your lady? Here are former Habs player Georges Laraque’s tips on how to win over your Valentine.

Love Tips from Georges Laraque

1. Let her talk.

When you let a woman talk, she goes home after and calls her friend and says, “Oh, my god, he’s the greatest guy in the world,” even though you didn’t say a word. So keep your eyes open and look as if you’re interested, even if you’re not.

2. Compliment her.

A lot of guys think they are too cool to give a compliment, but a woman loves hearing you flatter her. And if she asks you questions like, “You really think so?” tell her, “Yes, you look really good.” If you don’t say anything, she’ll feel that you take her for granted.

3. Be a gentleman.

A lot of guys think it’s old school, but girls love feeling like a princess. Open the door for her-women love that. Guys don’t do that anymore, but that’s something really big.

4. Show affection in public.

Like holding hands and giving kisses sometimes, even just a little one on the neck. She’ll feel so appreciated that she’ll melt.

5. Remember the romance.

Don’t go to the movies. Have a candlelit dinner. To keep your relationship in the honeymoon phase, keep taking her out for special dates so she has a chance to dress up. She’ll feel as special as she did in the beginning.

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