Budget Gift Ideas for Mom

How do you show appreciation for the one person who has been there from the beginning? With a gift from the heart-it’s the kind that Mom will respond to the best.

Budget Gift Ideas for Mom

Depending on your mom’s interests, there is an endless array of gift ideas available for $50 or less.

Zero Money Down

Like so many others, your mom is probably short on time. Here are some suggestions for gifts that cost nothing but will give Mom an opportunity to put her feet up:

  • Time off coupons: Make up some gift certificates for dog-walking, cooking dinner, laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping. Let Mom cash them in whenever she wants.
  • Make her a meal: Every restaurant is going to offer a Mother’s Day special menu. But these meals can be very rushed and expensive. Why not avoid the stress by cooking a nice meal at home. Keep it simple and make a special dessert  ahead of time, so it’s ready and waiting.
  • Create a photo collage: All you need is a selection of family photos (including the grandchildren) and a large frame. This is a great gift if your mom has downsized to a retirement residence as it will help to personalize her surroundings.
  • Make a home spa: Give Mom a home facial. Afterwards create an aromatherapy refuge for Mom. Scent her bathwater with some lavender or vanilla, light some candles and after her bath, let Mom relax in the living room with a good magazine and a cup of her favourite tea.
  • Spring-clean Mom’s car thoroughly inside and out. Make a CD of her favourite tunes and leave it in the car as a surprise.
  • Make her lunches for a week and put a note inside each telling her what a great Mom she is.

For the Green Mom

Has your mom gone green and got everyone recycling? Show her that her message has gotten through by buying her a green gift:

  • Light up her life with solar: Sun and Moon Jars are refurbished mason jars with a solar cell inside that soaks up the sun during the day and gives off a warm sunshine or cool moon glow.
  • No more batteries: Since Mom is the one to keep everyone on time in the mornings, why not get her an alarm clock that never needs batteries? You fill the water clock with H20 and it will keep running. The clock also acts as a vase.
  • Buy Mom a recycled handbag from Basura Bags. These bags are made from recycled juice packs by a women’s co-op in the Philippines. Bright, colourful and unique, these roomy, durable and practical bags are sure to please Mom.
  • Grow her garden: If Mom is a gardener, then pick up a nice selection of organic seeds and gardening tools. Put everything into a nice basket, wrap it up with some colourful material and ribbons.
  • Get her some natural scent: Erbaviva offers an organic line of essential oils that are soothing and elegant but affordable. Mom will enjoy the lavender, rose and neroli room spray-perfect for her car as well.

For the Cultured Mom

Does your Mom enjoy music, literature and art? Here are some suggestions to help Mom get in touch with her cultured side:

  • Pick up a book by her favourite writer. Why not extend Mother’s Day by reading the book and then taking your Mom out for dinner to discuss it?
  • Check with your local community theatre for any plays or musical events. They usually offer affordable tickets for a night out.
  • Take her to the art gallery on the day of free admissions. You can also check with the smaller galleries to see if they have any openings. After the gallery take Mom out for tea at a local hotel.
  • Buy her a gift certificate to a painting class, singing lesson or dance lesson.
  • Check the local musuems or libraries for lectures; book tickets for Mom and make her dinner on that evening.

For the Active Mom

If your Mom is athletic, then plan a sporty day for her:

  • Take her to a yoga class and get zenned-out together. Go out for a healthy snack and herbal tea afterwards.
  • Book a day at the public golf course and tee-off with Mom.
  • Sign her up for a dance class. Many dance studios have Sunday afternoon gatherings where people can get together and dance for free.
  • Rent a kayak and head out on the water with Mom.
  • Plan a hike to one of the local nature parks. Pack a gourmet picnic lunch for the trip.
  • Check out the bike paths in your area and make up a route to bike with Mom.

The secret to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is to use your imagination and pick something you know your Mom will love.