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9 Secrets for a Perfect First Date

Going out with that special guy for the first time can be a tricky, nerve-wracking experience. Look and feel your best with these easy tips for a smooth first date.

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Getting back on the dating scene?

The way you look, behave and communicate all have a huge impact on whether your first date will lead to a second. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression! So here are a few pointers to help you make your next rendez-vous as successful as possible.

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1. Reassess Your Expectations from a First Date

Be sure you’re being realistic going in. Your date probably isn’t “the one,” but that’s something that will be confirmed with time, not on your first time out together. Until then, focus on enjoying the ride!

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2. Dress to Impress on a First Date

Like it or not, most people judge books by their covers. So make sure you look fabulous! Pick an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident but isn’t too revealing. Instead go for the casual, classy look. Jazz up your outfit with some accessories and killer shoes!

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3. Pick a Safe and Comfortable Environment for a First Date

The ideal meeting place is somewhere neutral and public. Stay away from movies or other activities that will make it hard to talk to your date. Instead, try something fun like hitting a pool hall or heading to a mini-putt range. Going out for coffee is also a great setting for a first date.


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4. Be Courteous on a First Date

Manners say a lot about a person. Punctuality is essential, so if you are running late, give your date a call to let him know. During the date, keep your cellphone on silent mode and answer only urgent calls. Most importantly, say “please” and “thank you.”

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5. Keep the Conversation Light on a First Date

Things like hobbies, travel, movies, culture, sports, etc., are all suitable topics. Stay away from personal and sensitive matters, there will be plenty of time to talk about your past relationships, family issues and political views in the future.

Do your best to avoid interrupting and give your date your full attention. Listen actively by asking follow-up questions, showing a genuine interest and being honest in your responses. This will help both of you feel more at ease, allowing you to shake off some of the nerves that come along with first-date territory.


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6. Split the Costs on a First Date…But Offer to Pay if You Made the Invitation

Some dates will insist on picking up the entire tab. If that’s the case, don’t put up too much of a fight. Just be sure to thank them and treat them next time!

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7. Make Your Intentions Clear From The Start

Avoid playing games. If you are looking for something serious and get the same feedback from your date, then keep the end of the date PG-rated. Give yourselves the luxury of having something to look forward to!

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8. Smile and Have a Good Time

A date is supposed to be more fun than a job interview. So relax and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to laugh, use your sense of humour or be a little quirky. Be proud of your uniqueness and you are guaranteed to leave your mark. The most important thing is to show your date what an amazing lady you are while having a great time!

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9. Remember, There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

If you’re not enjoying yourself, trust your instinct and don’t hesitate to call it a night. If your date can’t appreciate the wonderful person you are, don’t waste your time; you are bound to find someone who does.

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