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8 Tricks to Calm Chaos in the Workplace

The workplace can get a little too busy and chaotic sometimes. No matter what your job, it’s important to find ways to deal with stress of the busy workday. Read on to find some time on how to calm chaos in the workplace. 

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1. Chaos in the Workplace: Give Yourself Credit

Here’s one way to calm chaos in the workplace. Praise yourself at least once a day. Most of us don’t take enough time to praise ourselves for doing things well. So when you’ve completed an interim or long-term goal, tell yourself – out loud -what a good job you’ve done. You’ll get a burst of confidence that will go a long way towards helping you maintain your cool amid the workplace madness. It’s good for your health

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2. Chaos in the Workplace: Recite a Poem

Reading a poem out loud twice a day can help relieve some stress and calm chaos in the workplace.The cadence, words, and images will soothe your soul. Not into poetry? If you’re religious, try reading a psalm or other sacred writings. If you love music, listen to a few of your favourite songs.

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3. Chaos in the Workplace: Think of Life Outside of Work

Make an altar or display in your office to remind you of your personal life. It can help calm chaos in the workplace. Include pictures of your spouse, children and/or a pet, a photograph of yourself doing something fun, plus a memento that reminds you of a special occasion. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed out, take 5 minutes and simply stare at the display. Recall the day each picture was taken. Hold your memento and return, in your memory, to the day you got it. Now you’re ready to return to work.

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4. Chaos in the Workplace: Schedule “Worry Time”

Calm workplace chaos with scheduled worry time. Close your office door or go and sit in an empty conference room and focus on what is stressing you out. You can bring your diary or just a sheet of paper. Divide the paper into three columns: My Worry; Why It Worries Me; Worst Thing That Could Happen. Once you confront the worst thing that could possibly happen, and realize that it’s highly unlikely it will ever happen, you can get back to work with your worry load lightened.

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5. Chaos in the Workplace: Manage Your Email

Managing your inbox can help calm workplace chaos and stress. Read emails once, answer immediately, delete if possible or move them to folders. Overflowing inboxes are depressing and take too long to read and sort. Insert email responses in the subject line whenever possible, rather than composing a new message each time, and reply only when you have something to say. Use the automatic signature function in your email so that people can phone you or send you information via snail mail.

  1. Don’t waste time acknowledging receipt of email. Also, don’t email and phone with the same message.

  2. Don’t insert the recipient’s address first before composing the mail message. You might mistakenly send a message before it s finished or when it’s saying something you didn’t want it to say.

  3. Use the rule of three: if you’ve gone back and forth on a topic three times, you’re still confused or have questions, pick up the phone.

  4. Never send an email if you’re angry. (You can write it, either as a draft or preferably in your word-processing program) then save it and look over it when you feel calmer.

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6. Chaos in the Workplace: The “Perspective Reminder”

Work may seem overwhelmingly stressful at times, but your troubles are likely to be smaller than they seem. Calm workplace chaos by keeping a picture in your office of the earth taken from space, a starry night or the ocean, and look at it whenever you feel overwhelmed. Amid countless stars and the timeless crashing of waves against the shore, how important is that deadline really?

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7. Chaos in the Workplace: Plan Ahead

When work is challenging, devote some of your down time-weekends and evenings-to delineating a sequence of tasks. Plan ahead to calm workplace chaos and stress. Make a list, place boxes next to each item and tick off the boxes as you move through the list. You’ll avoid forgetting anything, you’ll stay focused on the job, you’ll be more efficient and it’s very satisfying to tick off those boxes.

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8. Chaos in the Workplace: Socialize with Colleagues

Avoid workplace chaos and stress by suggesting a once-a-week gathering with your co-workers where you can talk about a particular work issue. Use the collective brain to figure out how to do something better, improve your work facilities, perhaps, enhance productivity or improve relationships.