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7 Things Guys Would Rather Be Doing on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re looking to make Valentine’s Day extra-special for your man, or want a tongue-in-cheek take on how guys really feel, here are seven things most men would rather be doing this February 14.

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Although even the manliest man can still feel the bitter sting of a lonely February 14, there is something to be said for spending it doing guy stuff. Here are seven things we secretly wish (but would never admit) we would rather be doing on Valentine’s Day: 

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1. Watching Hockey

Secretly, the NHL, like an inattentive lover, often drives our deepest Valentine’s Day desires. The NHL doesn’t return our calls, shows up when it wants and generally takes us for granted. And while our loved ones will never get it, deep down we know the NHL really does love us. Oh NHL, you’re so bad.

Help us patch things up with the NHL this February 14 by grabbing tickets to the game, hitting up a sports bar or simply curling up together on the couch at home.

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2. Drinking Somewhat Responsibly

Beer: teacher, mother, secret lover. Nothing beats a visit to the local pub with your partner for a delicious frosty beer. In fact, doctors often say a drink a day keeps the Valentine’s Day blues away, so perhaps you should have a few. Beer just makes life better, and having a romantic drink with one’s significant other is sure to kick the night off with a bang.

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3. Eating Irresponsibly

Candlelit meals are expensive and overrated! Throw guilt asunder, and indulge in some dirty bird with a bucket of southern fried chicken. Nothing says romantic like stuffing your face with popcorn chicken and that weird neon green coleslaw, because hey, it’s sort of vegetables, right?

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4. Watching Action Films

All guys know the 1980s represented the pinnacle of cinema. Why? For starters, Arnold Schwarzenegger turned a bad guy into human shish kabob using a steam pipe and Sly Stallone proved you didn’t need a strong grasp of the English language  to shoot down helicopters with a bow and arrow. Bottom line, movies are an affordable and fun way to make Valentine’s a laid-back event. Cue up a classic DVD, or head out and catch A Good Day To Die Hard (a.k.a Die Hard 5), which hits theatres this Valentine’s Day.

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5. Playing Video Games

If there is one thing we know, it’s that women are incredibly impressed with a man’s video game prowess. It ranks right up there with athleticism, wealth and a great head of hair. Our suggestion: pick up the romance-filled Dead Space 3, so you can partner up and play as two marooned space explorers battling evil hordes of parasitic alien monsters. You’ll literally see the sparks fly when one of you finds the in-game buzzsaw launcher. Sexy!

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6. Exploring The Great Outdoors

While modern man’s closest encounter with the wild typically involves shooing away dog-sized urban raccoons (then bragging about it), men still like to get away from it all. Try booking a cottage or winter camping. A warm fire in a rustic cabin will heat up Valentine’s Day for sure, and we’re fairly certain most cottages get the game too, right?

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7. Having Sex!

This one is a given, and perhaps the most obvious Valentine’s Day choice of all. While the chocolate, wine and roses can be chalked up to advertising, the reality is Valentine’s Day is all about kindling the romantic fires, and sex does it better than nearly anything else. Book a hotel room, get dressed up, or make a couple’s day of it and head to Victoria’s Secret to pick out something special. The health benefits are well documented, and as much as we love doing guy stuff, we love sex more.