5 Green Valentine’s Activities for Kids

Counter the commercial cards and chocolates and have a green Valentine’s Day with your family. You can spread love with any of these activities. 

Love your community.

Open your child’s eyes to different ways of expressing love. Give your neighborhood a big warm hug by fixing broken signs, painting over graffiti or organizing a community cleanup. Show compassion by donating homemade cookies to a food bank or shelter, or fostering abandoned animals from a shelter.

Talk Cupid.

After you read The Night Before Valentine’s Day or Counting Kisses with your child, brainstorm different love-focused endings or beginnings. Compose a poem for grandma or dad and write it on biodegradable seed paper. Discuss the best non-material ways to express love, such as sincerely asking about someone’s day or verbally appreciating their strengths.

Create eco-friendly crafts.

Say “Be My Valentine” with cards or notes made from materials around the house, such as colouring books or scrap paper. Weave a Valentine’s Day wreath from dried flowers, twigs, and berries. Make heart-shaped necklaces with homemade organic modelling clay.

Savour edible love.

These kid-tested snacks won’t end up in the landfill! Make heart-shaped marshmallow treats with organic, natural crisped rice cereal and a honey/coconut mixture (a substitute for sugary marshmallows). Create heart-shaped pizzas, or use cookie cutters to cut hearts out of grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes. Make extra, and deliver them to neighbours, a nursing home or a hospice.

Throw a green party.

Forget about grab bags, processed food and supermarket cakes. Instead, share the love with ethically sourced party bags, biodegradable balloons along with eco-friendly paints and recycled paper for party crafts. Avoid red dye; instead go red with healthy apples, cranberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and cherries. Plan an indoor treasure hunt with a “love the planet” theme: hide acorns, cool rocks and leaves – and return them to their natural setting afterwards.