Top 10 Embarrassing Moments

Our new survey from Down Under reveals the Top 10 most awkward social situations. How do yours compare?

1. Wardrobe Malfunctions

  • Zippers left undone.
  • Tucking skirt into underwear.

2. Lost for Words

  • Having no response in conversation.
  • Forgetting someone’s name.

3. Mistaken Baby Bump

  • Congratulating someone on a pregnancy when they’re not pregnant.
  • Offering a woman a seat, assuming she is pregnant when she isn’t.

4. Romantic Mishaps

  • Seeing one’s ex with a new partner.
  • Saying, “I love you” for the first time and not having the sentiment returned.

5. Looking Foolish

  • Making an inappropriate joke.

6. Nigel No-Friends

  • Having someone turn their back on you at a party. Or, even worse, no one talking to you.

7. Embarrassment by Proxy

  • Your partner acting stupidly in public; the drunken behaviour of friends.

8. Dating Disasters

  • Awkward silences on a first date.
  • Spilling food or drink on a partner.

9. Getting Caught

  • Making an excuse for not going somewhere, then being caught in the lie.
  • Being overheard by the person you’re gossiping about.

10. Clumsy Catastrophes

  • Slipping, when attempting to get up after tripping.
  • Dropping food on your chest while eating.

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