4 Dos and Don’ts for Tick Removal

Protect yourself from Lyme disease, Powassan, Rocky mountain fever and other tick-borne illnesses by mastering tick removal in four simple steps.

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Hand holding tweezers
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Tick removal step #1: Get tweezers

Ticks are becoming more prevalent in Canada—we can thank our changing climate for that. Do use tweezers to remove a tick, grasping the bug as close to the bite site as possible.

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Tick removal
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Tick removal step #2: Move quickly

Don’t waste any time. If you’re in the wilderness and without tweezers, use your fingers if you must.

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Tick bite
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Tick removal step #3: Pull

Don’t twist as you remove. Pull directly up.

Once complete, go to canada.ca for instructions on how to submit the tick for testing.

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Washing hands and arms
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Tick removal step #4: Wash off

Do clean the site of the bite with soap and water.

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