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Dirt’s Little Secrets

Did you know making your bed is a BAD thing? Find out why, and learn more fascinating facts about dust mites and other household allergens. Did you know…?

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Dry clothing indoors

If you put your washing out on the line, then your clothes will be covered in pollen.

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Dust mites eat our dead skin flakes

  • Dust mites eat our dead skin flakes and we lose up to 28 grams of skin cells a week, the equivalent of a small bag of chips.


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Don’t make your bed

(Really!) It keeps the bed warm and keeps the humidity in, which the dust mites like.

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more than a million bacteria

  • One gram of house dust can contain more than a million bacteria and hundreds of thousands of mold spores.


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Make sure your vacuum doesn’t leak the dust it collects

Look for one with the Asthma Society of Canada certification mark or a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter, or you could be re-depositing allergens, like these skin flakes, all over your home.