Designing a Future Without Breast Cancer

The fifth annual White Cashmere Collection 2008: A Touch of Pink, Designing a Future without Breast Cancer, along with the launch of Pink Cashmere bathroom tissue, are the latest fund- and awareness-raising initiatives of the brand. A portion of the proceeds from every package of limited-edition Pink Cashmere will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. And the fifth Annual White Cashmere Collection combines fashion with compassion. Following are the original sketches from the eight Canadian designers who contributed to this year’s collection; the dresses will be crafted from sheets of white Cashmere, with a touch of Pink.

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Design by: Arthur Mendonca

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Design by: Comrags

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Design by: David Dixon

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Design by: Evan Biddell

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Design by: Joeffer Caoc

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Design by: Thien Le    

Design by: Ula Zukowska

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