Amber Mac’s Top 5 Health and Fitness Gadgets for 2017

Thinking of getting back into shape in the New Year? Tech expert and television personality Amber MacArthur gives her top five must-have products to help you with your fitness goals.

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Fitbit Charge 2 is one of 2017's best fitness gadgets
Photo: Telus

1. Fitbit Charge 2 – $179.99

“People who are thinking of getting in shape after New Year’s should really consider the benefits of wearable technology,” says tech expert and author Amber MacArthur. Why not let the Fitbit Charge 2 be your workout buddy for 2017? This sleek wristband is programmed to track specific activities like running, lifting weights or yoga, as well as your heart rate (breathing sessions are personalized based on your real-time heart rate). “Friends who’ve used it say they’ve dramatically increased their level of physical activity because all of a sudden, they’re much more aware of how much exercise they’re getting.”

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Tangram Connected Jump Rope
Photo: Telus

2. Tangram Connected Jump Rope – $99.99

“Jumping rope is one of those activities we know works really well but perhaps haven’t really thought of,” says MacArthur. Embedded with 23 LED lights, the Tangram Connected Jump Rope helps you track your jump count and calories burned while in mid-air, and even provides interval training recommendations. For techies, it also syncs with the Smart Gym mobile platform (available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch) to help you monitor your progress. “It’s particularly good for busy professionals who travel often, or a parent at home looking after their child who only has 10 minutes a day to work out.”

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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
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3. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor – $83.99

For the older crowd, MacArthur recommends the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, which provides high-accuracy and detailed feedback about your heart health, as well as recommended values; simply slip on the cuff and let it do the rest. “It’s really important for people who have high blood pressure to get a sense of how their eating habits, sleeping habits or stress is affecting them.” The monitor can also wirelessly sync with the Withings Health Mate app, so you can keep track of your results. “This is one of those items that’s very preventative, and I think that’s what we need more of in the health and fitness space.”

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Wireless ear buds
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4. Jaybird X-2 Sport Wireless Ear Buds – $119.99

“People out there are doing more when it comes to fitness, and if you’re combining cardio and weights, you really don’t want to have any kind of wires in the way,” says MacArthur. “These ear buds will be really helpful to people who want to go that extra mile as far as their health is concerned.” Designed to help you keep up with vigorous workouts, the Jaybird X-2 Sport Wireless Ear Buds guarantee a snug and comfortable fit. SignalPlus also ensures your music and calls are transmitted clearly without signal drops, while background noise is eliminated so you can stay focused.

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Thermos Water Bottle
Photo: Telus

5. Thermos Water Bottle – $59.99

“When it comes to fitness and health, it’s critical to know how much water you’re taking in,” says MacArthur. The Thermos Water Bottle charts and graphs your daily, weekly and monthly hydration progress, and provides advice on your daily average consumption. “This is a really sleek product; even though it’s high-tech, you would never know it just from looking at it.”

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