7 Sleep Tips from Reader’s Digest Readers (And Why They Work)

We took to our Facebook fan page to find out what our readers recommend for a good night’s rest. Here are 10 tips they recommended that actually work.

7 Sleep Tips from Reader's Digest Readers (And Why They Work)

1. Melatonin

“Take a melatonin tablet! Its safe, our body produces it, sometimes we need a little extra. You will sleep like baby!” -Bonnie Marks

According to the American National Sleep Foundation, melatonin is a natural hormone your body already creates at night. When daylight hours end, your body begins to produce more melatonin to help you get to sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may consider taing a melatonin supplement occasionally, as long as your doctor is aware of all of your health conditions and approves the usage.

2. A Warm Drink

“A warm glass of milk with honey.” -Peter Lundberg

The theory that milk contains tryptophan and that’s why it helps you sleep is false but the fact that warm milk may help you sleep isn’t. In fact, any warm drink, like chamomile tea for example, can help you sleep by increasing your body’s temperature and relaxing you.

3. Keep a Schedule

“Sleep at the same time to achieve a sleeping pattern.” -Joanna Marie Jose Javillonar

This reading is absolutely correct. According to DiscoveryHealth.com, sleeping at the same time every night and waking at the same time every morning will help your body get used to a routine. This means you are less likely to suffer from insomnia.

4. Supplements

“Calcium and magnesium before bed.” -Caron Schleibinger

This reader offers anothe great sleep tip. Livestrong.com agrees that magnesium helps push out calcium which can help relax the muscles and make it easier to fall asleep.

5. Sex

“A little marital relations before sleep! Seriously!” -Irene Carmichael Seibert

Dr. Laura Berman, the director of the Berman Center for Women’s Sexual Health, confirms that having some intimate time can help you fall asleep. This is one tip that shouldn’t be too difficult for couples to get the hang of. When you can’t sleep, why not have sex? Not only will you sleep better but you’re to wake up with a smile.

6. Don’t Look at the Clock

“Don’t look at the clock when you awaken during the night.” -Rhonda Poth

In fact, turn that clock around altoegther. Stressing over how much time you have left to sleep before waking up is only going to stimulate and aigtate you more. Ignore the time and just try your best to relax and stay calm.

7. No Coffee

“No caffeine in the late afternoon or evening.” -Linda Schoettler

Our dear reader Linda is correct. Caffeine has longer lasting effects on different people. If you’re having trouble sleeping, avoid stimulating things like caffeine after 3:00 p.m. You will be less likely to have trouble sleeping.