6 Tips for Taking Medicines Safely

Medicine is helpful when taken correctly. Here are 6 quick tips for making sure you get the health benefits from your new medication without any of the problems.

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Be sure to check with both your doctor and pharmacist for any potential problems with your medication.

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1. In Case of Accidents

1. In Case of Accidents

Always carry a list of your medications and doses.

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  2. Keep Your Doctor Informed

2. Keep Your Doctor Informed

When your doctor prescribes a new medicine, tell him about any other drugs you are taking. This includes over-the-counter drugs and vitamin supplements.

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3. Don't Ignore Reactions

3. Don’t Ignore Reactions

If you have any side effects from a medication, contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

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4. Use an H20 Chaser

4. Use an H20 Chaser

It is usually best to take prescription medications with a full glass of water. This can help prevent stomach irritation and improve absorption. Don’t take them with soft drinks or grapefruit juice.

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5.  Avoid Mixing

5. Avoid Mixing

Don’t mix your medications with food or drink unless instructed to by your doctor or pharmacist.

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6.  Follow Directions

6. Follow Directions

Always read and comply with any directions that come with your medication.

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