6 Hot-Topic Parenting Issues

Breast milk or formula? Calm the baby down or let them cry? We weigh the pros and cons of today’s controversial parenting topics to help you decide for yourself.

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1. Pacifying

1. Pacifying


PRO: Natural and intuitive.  

CON: Risk of crooked teeth.


PRO: May reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.  

CON: May interfere with breast-feeding and backtrack infections to baby’s ears. 

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2. Feeding

2. Feeding

Breast Milk

PRO: Free and easy to digest. Boosts immunity and protects against ear infections, meningitis, obesity

CON: Mom may not produce enough milk, it’s a major time commitment, stretch marks and weaning.


PRO: Convenience, feeding duties can be shared between parents, plus it’s nutrient-enriched.

CON: The cost (formula, bottles, nipples, sterilizer). 

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3. Diapers

3. Diapers


PRO: Reduces the hard labour and ick factor of mothering.  

CON: Creates lots of waste-six diapers a day, 2,200 a year.


PRO: No waste, cost saver, has snaps, fitted leg gussets and waterproof covers.

CON: Between the hot-water laundry and high-heat dryer, who can say cloth is the greener option?

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4. Sleeping

4. Sleeping


PRO: Instills lifelong sense of security and self-esteem.  

CON: Habit inducing and risky-child can be smothered or crushed.

Cry it Out  

PRO: Teaches self-soothing skills.  

CON: Risk of negative emotional and psychological impact.

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5. Covers

5. Covers


PRO: Calming, mimics womb, and infants kept from startling themselves awake.   

CON: Risk of hip abnormalities, overheating and loss of circulation.  

Sleep Sacks

PRO: Less tight than swaddling, prevents infants from uncovering themselves and catching cold.

CON: Too large a size will lead to loose material around face and risk of suffocation. 

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6. Transit

6. Transit


PRO: Affordable, creates additional bonding and allows hands-free manoeuvring.  

CON: Awkward in rain, heat; cumbersome when shopping.


PRO: A safer and more secure environment for baby.

CON: Expensive and difficult to manoeuvre through crowds and busy streets.

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