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4 Facts About Drug Addiction

Do you think you may know someone battling drug addiction? Learn more about the warning signs of addiction and find out what you can do to help.

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1. Drug Addicts Lie

In order to obtain their next fix, some addicts are full of excuses for getting access to prescription drugs, says Montreal pharmacist Daron Basmadjian. “They’ll say anything,” he says. “They’ll say they have no idea why I can’t find the prescription in their file but it should be there, or they’re picking it up for their sister.” Prescription medication addicts will try their best to appear honest and sincere, Basmadjian adds, trying very hard to convince medical professionals they are not abusing.

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2. Drug Addiction is Not a Choice

Some non-users seem to think drug use is a bad habit individuals can easily rid themselves of. However, it is important to understand that there are a multitude of factors that influence people to experiment with drugs, including medical conditions that need to be treated, and certain ingredients in narcotics can be highly addictive on a physical level, beyond the point of self-control.

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3. Drug Addicts Aren’t Who You Think

Popular belief tells us that addicts are people who use drugs daily and are unable to go about their daily lives due to their addiction. According to Narconon, a drug and rehab centre for drug and alcohol addiction, this idea is completely false. Their website describes the majority of addicts as people who appear to be functioning normally. Never make assumptions about the type of people who can abuse drugs.

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4. There is Help for Drug Addiction

Drug addicts or their friends and family may be unsure of how to go about treating the illness, but there are resources available. Online, try the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA). You can also visit a medical professional or community centre in your area for aid in seeking professional help.