3 Numbers for a Longer Life

You know being active helps you live longer. If you need more incentive, then look at the recent numbers showing the effect exercise has on your well-being.

Several 30-year studies were completed in 2009 and the numbers are showing how being active and drinking water instead of soda can add to your longevity

33 Percent

That’s how much a moderately fit woman can cut her risk of dying of breast cancer, according to a  three-decade study from the University of South Carolina. Women with the highest fitness levels halved their cancer risk. Getting moderately fit can be as simple as completing a daily half-hour walk. Exercising vigorously for the same amount of time will yield even higher fitness.

32 Percent

That’s the amount that men in a 35-year study at Sweden’s Uppsala University cut their risk of dying early if they were very physically active. Three hours of sports or heavy gardening a week was enough to do the trick.

3.5 Kilograms

That’s what you can lose in six months without any exercise simply by cutting back on soda or fruit-drinks. Researchers at John Hopkins University found that cutting out just one single serving make the body more efficient at reducing calories. Your body doesn’t seem to register liquid calories as accurately as those from solid foods, says lead author Benjamin Caballero, MD. Reducing sugary beverages gives you a significant payoff

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