4 Things Your Holiday Eating Habits Reveal About You

What do your eating habits say about you? According to these four research findings, quite a lot, it seems.

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1. If you devour your gingerbread man head first…

It means you’re probably a leader. Yes, someone actually studied this. If you munch on a gingerbread man’s noggin before eating the rest of the cookie, you’re likely a natural-born leader, according to a 2010 analysis by Dr. Alan Hirsch, the neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Start with the legs? You’re sensitive. Creative types gobble the left arm first, while pessimists go for the right.

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2. If you bake spiced cookies…

It means you probably enjoy new experiences. A study published in the journal Food Quality and Preference in 2013 found that people with a taste for adventure – whether it’s watching high-octane movies or exploring new places – are also more likely to have a taste for spice in their food.

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3. If you drink white wine…

It means you probably over-pour. White-wine drinkers serve themselves 9.2 per cent more vino than their red-wine-drinking counterparts do, according to a 2014 study out of Iowa State and Cornell universities. (The low colour contrast of white wine in a clear glass can makes it difficult to gauge an appropriate level.)

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4. If you force yourself to eat a dish you don’t like…

It means you’re probably going to start a dinner-table argument. In a 2011 study published in Psychological Science, people who were given a bitter beverage made harsher judgments about individuals in questionable moral situations – like a student stealing a library book – than those who were given a sweet drink or water. So if you want to avoid fighting about politics with your cousin, stop eating foods you know you don’t enjoy.

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