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6 Ways to Circumvent Sore Bike Butt

It’s a beautiful day, and you’d like to go for a bicycle ride. But you hesitate, because every time you sit on that saddle, your derrière gets sore. The good news? You can minimize the problem.

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Get a Bike That Fits

A bike that’s too big or too small for you will lead to discomfort everywhere. “The top of the seat should be lower than the handlebars,” says Bruce Ford, manager of Cyclepath, a bicycle retailer in Toronto.

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Adjust the Seat Height

There should be a slight bend in your knee at the bottom of your pedal stroke, says Ford. So set your seat height accordingly.

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Swap Saddles

Everyone thinks a wide cushy saddle is best, but that’s not always so. A wide seat is good for rides shorter than a half-hour, but choose a narrower saddle for longer trips. “It’s easier to sit up on your ‘sit bones,'” Ford explains. “And you’ll have fewer points of contact.” Plus, consider getting a men’s or women’s “anatomical saddle” (with a body-contouring cut-out in the middle), says Gary Conrod, manager of Atlantic Canada Cycling in Halifax.

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Try a Gel Cover

Buy a gel-filled cover that fits over the saddle, Conrod advises. This will help pad your ride.

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Cushion the Bounce

Get a seat post or a saddle with springs-these act as shock absorbers.

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Wear Proper Clothing

Invest in padded bike shorts. With jeans, says Conrod, you may notice seams in “troublesome areas.”