5 Gadgets Guaranteed to Get You Off the Couch

Ever notice how new technology seems specifically designed to turn us into couch potatoes? These days, with the click of a button or the touch of a screen, we can buy our groceries, pay our bills and talk to our friends without moving a muscle. In fact, Canadian adults now spend an average of 69 per cent of their days sitting, and only 20 per cent are active enough each week to meet national physical activity guidelines. Here are five gadgets that buck the trend by encouraging us to move more and sit less!

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Running to music on your smartphone
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1. Your Music Player of Choice

If your go-to playlist doesn’t pump you up, you need to find some different tunes. The right music can boost energy and increase endurance, which can definitely help you reach peak performance. Whether it’s on your TV, phone, computer, or iPod, crank up your most motivational music and get on your feet.

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Fitbit fitness tracker
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2. A Fitness Tracker

Whether it’s a FitBit, Garmin, or Jawbone, fitness trackers can be a great motivator. Instead of making a vague promise to yourself to move more, these gadgets encourage you to set a measurable goal—10,000 steps a day, for instance—and continuously tracks your progress. Some fitness trackers can be programmed to vibrate every 30 minutes to prompt you to break-up your sitting time by getting up from your desk and moving around, which research has shown is essential for good health.

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Best fitness apps for smartphones
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3. Smartphone Apps

There are more than a million different smartphone apps tasked with helping you get fit, so take your pick! These apps can help with tracking activity, finding your nearest (and most motivational!) walking or running paths, and even goal-setting. Some of our favourites include: MyFitnessPal, Zombies, Run!, Moves, Strava, Nike Training Club, and MapMyRun.

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Heart rate monitor, wrist design
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4. A Heart Rate Monitor

Adults need 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity each week, and a great way of measuring that is with a heart rate monitor. These fitness gadgets have traditionally been a bit unwieldy (not to mention inaccurate), but the latest generation show major signs of improvement. Instead of the cumbersome chest-strap design of earlier models, new heart rate monitors can often be worn on your wrist.

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Use an egg timer to time your workouts
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5. An Egg Timer

Intimidated by cutting-edge fitness gadgets? How about a good old-fashioned egg timer? Before settling into the couch, simply set the egg timer for 30 minutes as a reminder to break-up your sitting time. You can also use it to time your workouts.

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