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DIY Fitness

Modern tools and devices may save us minutes, but they can literally take years off our lives by stealing opportunities to keep our bodies strong and fit.  Using these heart-healthy exchanges as a guide, you can learn to replace your machines’ duties with some good ol’ fashioned muscle.  

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Household Cleaning

Instead of paying a professional cleaner to maintain your home every week, try a rotating cycle that involves rolling up your sleeves. Ask your cleaner to come once every two weeks instead; that way, you will have to do a few hours of vacuuming and dusting during the week that the cleaner isn’t there. You’ll be burning extra calories and doing important toning exercises without even realizing it. As an added bonus, you’ll be saving some money too!




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Be Your Own Car-wash

Rather than driving to the car-wash and letting a machine clean your car, stay home, pull out the hose and wash it yourself! Washing and waxing your car can take about an hour and is a great way to get some exercise. Make it a weekly routine by deciding to wash your car every Sunday. That way, you’ll have a designated calorie-burning time every Sunday, and your car will be consistently shiny!




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Nowadays, browsing online stores and catalogues has become the norm for a large chunk of our shopping needs. But instead of e-shopping while sitting at your desk, head to your local mall and do some in-store browsing. Yes, shopping on foot does qualify as exercise; plus, with all the money you’re saving from cleaning your own house once a week and washing your own car, you’ll be able to spoil yourself and your loved ones by picking up something special while shopping. If the store you’re heading to is relatively close, leave the car at home and walk there or take your bike.

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Get A Dog

Rather than getting a burglar alarm installed in your house, get a watchdog to guard your home. Getting a pooch means that you’ll have to go for a walk at least once-a-day in order to give the dog the exercise it needs. Having a dog essentially guarantees daily exercise and you may find the companionship to be quite rewarding as well.



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Gardening On Your Own

Lawn and garden care is actually a wonderful way to burn some extra calories while enjoying the outdoors. Instead of ignoring the garden or employing a gardener, try mowing the lawn, planting flowers and trimming the bushes yourself. It might only take you an hour or two each week but it’ll help keep you fit and flexible and allow you to enjoy some extra sunshine.






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Who Needs A Dishwasher?

The technology we have today often allows us to avoid daily calorie-killing tasks such as hand washing dishes. If you absolutely hate doing the dishes, try incorporating hand washing into your routine only once or twice a week instead of everyday. Using the dishwasher is great and it’s definitely a time-saver, but it also causes people to avoid a simple way to burn calories like so many of the modern machines we have in our homes.





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Be A Grocery Store Regular

Last but not least, heading over to the grocery store and buying and carrying your own groceries home is one of the oldest and most efficient ways to burn extra calories. It’s simple; just don’t get your groceries delivered. Rather, do the shopping yourself, which allows you to expend energy and keep your muscles fit just by carrying the bags.


Using these easy tips to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, you’ll be well on your way to better fitness and a healthier heart.