Have Heart Health for Life

Slash your risk of heart disease with these tips to keep your ticker in good working order for the long haul.

Have Heart Health for Life

Start Small, Think Big

Fast, simple diet modifications can cut cholesterol by 30 per cent. A 5-minutes-a-day weight-training program can replace ten years worth of lost muscle tissue. Just do some simple exercises while brewing your morning java and you’ll be on the right track.

Conquer “Sitting Disease”

Canadians are leading increasingly sedentary lives with many of us getting less than 30 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Yet our bodies are built for daily activity. Try to build healthy movement into your life, no matter how jam-packed your days are.

Eat Fresh

Fresh, whole foods don’t have to cost more or take more time to prepare than the processed stuff. These wholesome, delicious foods-fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, meats, dairy products and even soya-not only taste good, they also protect your heart by reducing blood fats, lowering elevated blood sugar, calming inflammation and fighting destructive free radicals.

Butt Out

Smoking is widely recognized as the leading cause of vascular disease, damaging arteries and leading to both heart attacks and strokes. Quitting smoking can be tough, but heart-smart living can also be as simple as laughing at a difficult situation rather than just getting angry. Simple planning, appropriate preparation and the assistance of health professionals can dramatically improve your chances of being a successful quitter.

Know Your Numbers

If you want to see tangible results then track your success by keeping tabs on certain essential numbers, including your weight and your waist measurement. All adult Canadians should know these “vital statistics” but virtually none of us do. To find out more about what to do check out 4 Good-Health Guidelines.

Avoid Toxins

From tobacco to trans fats, sugar to environmental pollutants, the toxins we allow to enter our bodies seem to wreak havoc with our hearts first. Your body doesn’t have to be a dumping ground for hazardous waste. Learn how to clean it up.

Find Joy

A growing body of research links hostility, impatience and bearing grudges with poor heart health; in contrast, forgiveness, friends and optimism are linked with healthier hearts. Do you have a heart-threatening personality type? Find out-and learn how to live a more joyful life.