13 Surprisingly Effective Natural Remedies for Everyday Ailments

Seeking relief from cold sores, PMS or arthritis symptoms—without a prescription? We’ve rounded up the best natural remedies for some of life’s most common (and uncomfortable) health conditions.

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Eucalyptus oil and leaves
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The Best Natural Remedies for Day-to-Day Ailments

Natural medicine can be used to treat a wide range of conditions—everything from colds to depression, nutritional deficiencies to menstrual cramps. We go over some of the most common ailments and which natural remedies are recommended for them. When looking to stock up on remedies—teas, supplements, ointments and such—consider which of these conditions you experience most regularly and focus on making sure you have the right items available to you at home.

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Woman with allergies
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Natural Remedies for Allergies

Just as there are numerous types of over-the-counter medications to treat and prevent allergies, there are also a variety of natural remedies. The ones we recommend are:

• Bee pollen
• Butterbur
• Nettle
• Zinc
• Quercetin

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Senior women with arthritis
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Natural Remedies for Arthritis

If you are being treated for osteoarthritis, talk to your doctor about complimentary natural treatments. The most recommended are:

• Boswellia
• Devil’s claw
• Glucosamine
• Willow bark extract

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Man with cold sore
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Natural Remedies for Cold Sores

Cold sores are best treated as soon as you catch them. If you notice a tingling sensation before developing a sore, you can even prevent it from developing. If you don’t catch it before, here are options that will help you get rid of them quickly:

• Lemon balm ointment
• Vitamin C with flavonoids
• Lysine
• Quercetin

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Woman with cold
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Natural Remedies for Colds

Chicken soup and over-the-counter drugs are not your only options for relief from cold symptoms. These are the natural remedies most recommended:

• Andrographis
• Fenugreek
• Slippery elm (for coughs and sore throat)
• Zinc lozenges and Zicam
• Eucalyptus oil

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Constipated woman
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Natural Remedies for Constipation

Prune juice, check. If you’re looking for other options, try:

• Magnesium
• Psyllium seed and/or husk

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Man suffering with flu
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Natural Remedies for Flu

A flu needs to run its course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat the symptoms. Find relief with:

• Fenugreek (for coughs)
• Elderberry extract (Sambucol)
• Oscillococcinum or Flu Remedy

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Woman with headache
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Natural Remedies for Headache

Headaches can really dampen your day. Whether yours are chronic or occasional, here’s what to try:

• Magnesium
• Peppermint oil

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Man experiencing heartburn
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Natural Remedies for Heartburn

Digging into the natural medicine cabinet may not be your first impulse when you feel heartburn coming on, but there are a number of natural options recommended by experts. Most frequently, they’ll recommend:

• Artichoke leaf extract
• Chamomile or slippery elm tea
• Iberogast
• Peppermint oil capsules (enteric coated)
• Red pepper capsules

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Measuring blood pressure
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Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is something you’ll need to work with your doctor on. Which is not to say natural medicine can’t be part of the plan. Your best options are:

• Fish oil
• Folic acid
• Hibiscus flower
• Potassium

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Woman in bed with insomnia
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Natural Cures for Insomnia

Pause before you reach for the sleeping pills; one of these natural remedies might serve you just as well (and have fewer side effects):

• Calms Forté
• Chamomile tea
• Melatonin
• Valerian extract

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Natural Cures for Menstrual Cramps

Sometimes it feels like there’s no relief for menstrual cramps, but these natural options just may do the trick:

• Chaste tree berry extract
• Cramp bark tincture
• Fennel oil
• Fish oil
• Ginger oil
• Magnesium pidolate
• Valerian tincture

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Natural Remedies for PMS

If you experience PMS symptoms regularly, stock up on the following:

• Calcium and magnesium
• Chaste tree berry
• Evening primrose oil
• Ginger (for nausea)
• Ginkgo, nettle or dandelion (for bloating)
• Vitamin B6
• St. John’s Wort

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Natural Remedies for Prostate Enlargement

Men can treat prostate enlargement naturally with:

• Bee pollen
• Beta-sitosterol (if you also have high cholesterol)
• Saw palmetto, possibly combined with African plum or nettle

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