6 Binge Drinking Warning Signs to Watch For

Dangerous drinking is on the rise with more than 15 per cent of Canadians regularly bingeing on booze. Are you or someone you love at risk? Learn the signs.

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1. You can’t drink moderately

If you find yourself regularly drinking more than you intended, consider whether you’re in control of your habits. (Check out these 10 tips to cut back on drinking.)

2. You can’t remember things. During a night of heavy drinking, a brain messenger called glutamate is disrupted. Researchers think this is why excessive drinking suppresses our memories. (This is one of the best things you can do to ward off memory loss.)

3. You can’t cut back. Your commitments to stay sober for a set period of time or to lessen your consumption don’t work. (Here are 10 bad habits and the best ways to quit them.)

4. Your friends and family have expressed concern. If those around you have suggested that you have a problem with binge drinking, consult your doctor. (Don’t know how to handle criticism? Here are three ways to deal with negative feedback.)

5. Your drinking is affecting your job, relationships or finances. Examine the stresses in your life and consider whether alcohol is a common factor. (Try any one of these expert-approved 37 stress management tips.)

6. You’re causing harm to the people around you. If the consequences of your drinking are spilling over into the lives of your loved ones, it’s time to take serious stock of your alcohol consumption. (Don’t miss these effective ways to rebuild trust—even when it seems impossible.)

Check out our in-depth feature for a better understanding of why binge drinking is on the rise in Canada and why it’s so dangerous.

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