Simple Treasure Soap

Get clean and have some fun with personalized treasure soap.

Simple Treasure Soap

This special gift is easy to make, but you’ll need a grown-up’s help. If you don’t want to buy soap molds, you can use small gelatin molds, sea shells, ice cube trays, or other small containers.

What you will need:

Glycerine block (available at craft stores)
Double boiler
Fragrance (available at craft stores)
Small toys or figures to place inside the soap
Soap molds (available at craft stores)
Glass measuring cup

How to do it: Simple Treasure SoapCut the glycerine into ice-cube-size chunks, and place it in the top part of the double boiler. With a grown-up’s help, heat the glycerine over simmering water. When nearly melted, add the fragrance and stir. Place the small figure, toy, or desired item in the mold. When the glycerine has completely melted, have a grown-up pour it into the measuring cup. Then you can pour it slowly into the mold. Remove the soap from the mold when cool and firm to the touch. Wrap in plastic before gift-wrapping.