There’s a New Lipstick Inspired by… Margaret Trudeau?

There’s a new nude-pink lipstick on the market. The inspiration for the shade? None other than Margaret Trudeau.

Margaret Trudeau Marc Jacobs lipstick in TruePhoto: Marc Jacobs

Margaret Trudeau inspired this shade of lipstick

Margaret Trudeau’s name was on everyone’s lips in 1971, when she married then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Forty-six years later, she’s buzzworthy again—although the reason is perhaps an unexpected one.

Fashion and cosmetics giant Marc Jacobs recently launched a new nude-pink shade of lipstick, “True” no. 254, that Jacobs is claiming was inspired by Margaret herself.

“Margaret Trudeau has always seemed like a glamorous woman with a shameless spirit,” Jacobs says. “She was a young woman who lived her life with the world watching but she still went out and studied art and photography and enjoyed herself. I remember reading about her and really admiring that.”

Trudeau hasn’t released a statement or commented on the new lipstick, but if you look back at old photos, you’ll note that the colour appears similar to what she has worn (and still wears).

This nod from Jacobs is perhaps a surprising one, although some 40 odd years ago, it would have been expected. At that time, Trudeau gained notoriety as Canada’s “First Lady Wild Child,” having been photographed at Club 54 in New York City with the likes of Andy Warhol and the Rolling Stones.

Since that time, Trudeau has used her profile to champion various charities, including the Canadian Mental Health Association and WaterAid Canada. She’s also become an advocate for mental health awareness and penned an autobiography about her own experience with bipolar disorder. In 2016, she re-entered the public eye as mother of the newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—a return to prominence the New York Times dubbed “The Quiet Comeback.”