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6 Healthy Teeth Whitening Tips

Before you book an expensive dental procedure to whiten your teeth, consider these simple whitening strategies. In many cases, a few healthy habits are all you need to keep your pearly whites, well… White! 

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1. Go On a White-Teeth Diet

What goes into your mouth shows up on your teeth. So if you’re drinking a lot of red wine or black tea, or smoking cigarettes, expect the results to show up as not-so-pearly whites. Other culprits include colas, gravies and dark juices. The bottom line: if it’s dark before you put it in your mouth, it will probably stain your teeth. Step one: brush your teeth immediately after having foods that stain. Step two: regularly use a good bleaching agent from your dentist. Step three: be conscious of tooth-staining foods and drinks, and have them only when a toothbrush is around. If not, have an apple for dessert.

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2. Hum While Brushing Your Teeth

You should give yourself at least two minutes to fully brush your teeth: That’s how long it takes to sweep all of the bacteria-packed plaque off of your pearly whites. Use your watch or keep a timer in the bathroom and set it for two minutes. Or find a tune that lasts about that long and hum it to the end!

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3. Grip Your Toothbrush Like a Pencil

Does your toothbrush look as if it’s been used to clean the car? If so, you’re probably brushing too hard. Contrary to what some scrub-happy people think, brushing with force is not the best way to remove plaque. The best way is to place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle against your gums and gently move it in a circular motion, rather than a back-and-forth motion. Grip the toothbrush like a pencil so you won’t scrub too hard.

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4. Drink a Cup of Tea Every Day

Flavonoids and other ingredients in tea seem to prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to teeth, and also block the production of a type of sugar that contributes to cavities. Tea also contains high amounts of fluoride.

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5. Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly

Throw away your toothbrush or change the head of your electric toothbrush every two to three months. Otherwise, you’re just transferring bacteria to your mouth.

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6. Use Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Most over-the-counter mouthwashes have too much alcohol, which can dry out the tissues in your mouth, making them more susceptible to bacteria. Some studies even suggest a link between mouthwashes containing alcohol to and an increased risk of oral cancer. To be safe, be a teetotaller when it comes to choosing a mouthwash.

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