Take Advantage of Tea’s Benefits

Interested in learning more about the tasty world of tea? Once you’ve selected your favourite variety, you’ll relish relaxing with a hot, aromatic cup of this ancient beverage.

  • Visit a tea merchant, in person or on the Internet; ask for their advice to introduce you to this expansive world.
  • Try a variety of teas with different aromas and tastes to establish your preferences; start with a dozen to decide on your tastes. You will prefer certain ones, your friends will love others; keep those you prefer and give the others to friends.
  • Treat yourself and buy a lovely clay Yixing or ceramic Japanese teapot, a few small cups and a serving tray.
  • Brew one full teaspoon of tea per 250 mL of hot water for about seven minutes; adjust to your taste. It is normal for tea to taste slightly bitter because of the polyphenols.
  • Schedule tea breaks at home or at work.
  • Choose a relaxing and soothing environment for enjoying this fine beverage.
  • Savour this moment of introspection if you are drinking tea by yourself.
  • Relish this moment of friendship if you are sharing it with a friend.
  • Treasure this moment of culture and humanity, with 20 centuries of history behind it.

Eating Well, Living Well.

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