Holiday Gifts in a Box

Looking for a a nice stalking stuffer? Here’s 5 quirky gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Holiday Gifts in a Box


Woodhouse chocolates look elegant, and not a bite in the batch tastes less than exquisite. We should know. We tried each one. To be thorough.


The 64 interviews with famous writers brim with common sense and wisdom. (The Paris Review Interviews, Boxed Set, Picador)


Charles Kuralt traveled around the U.S. for CBS, interviewing American originals. On the Road with Charles Kuralt collects his famous mini-profiles in three DVDs.


The folks at Equmen call it a “core precision undershirt,” but it’s Spanx for men, plain and simple. Who knew a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon could do so much with … so much? Unscientifically put, it squeezes the fat so tightly that it begins to resemble muscle-at least in the mind of the tester (who also, not incidentally, tested the chocolates).


Dolly has more than a dollop of Parton: four CDs with 99 songs span 36 years-the hits as well as the hidden gems by the singer-songwriter-showstopper.

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