Healthier Halloween Treats

There are a few ways you can please your trick-or-treaters without giving them way too many unnecessary calories. Find out what healthier goodies you can serve to replace the usual high-calorie sweets without sacrificing the taste.

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Here are some healthy alternatives guranteed to put a smile on your trick-or-treater’s face:

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Sugar-Free Gum

Avoid these: Chewy candies, which are very high in sugar. They are unhealthy and can stick to teeth and cause cavities.
Try these instead: Fruit-flavoured, sugar-free gum. It has the delicious taste kids love, minus the excessive quantities of sugar.

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Avoid these: Chocolate filled with caramel, nuts, nougat and other high-calorie sweets.
Try these instead: Sweet, dark chocolate. It’s rich in chocolaty flavour but has way less calories than heavier milk chocolate bars.

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Avoid these: Chips.
Try these instead: Lightly salted pretzels, which are also sold in tiny portion packs, are perfect for Halloween. Plus, they’re a healthier choice.

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Portion-Controlled Packs

Avoid these: Sugar-filled snack cakes.
Try these instead: 100-calorie, portion-controlled packages of cookies, pretzels, etc. The limited quantities are healthier for children and the goods contain way less fat and sugar than snack cakes. Plus, 100-calorie bags of Oreo cookies are just as delicious!

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More Healthy Tips

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