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When a fast food snack attack hits, the best thing you can do is curb your appetite by munching on some fruits or veggies. But every now and then, even the most determined healthy eaters are tempted. If you absolutely can’t resist your favourite fast food restaurant, here are a few ways you can order a meal without exceeding the daily-recommended intake of 2,000 calories and 65g of fat.

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While a home-cooked meal loaded with veggies is certainly best, you can still control your calorie intake at this fast food joint by opting for a healthier meal. The Angus Burger, a hearty new addition to the McDonald’s menu, contains 33g of fat and 11g of saturated fat. It also has 610 calories, which makes up roughly 51 percent of your daily calorie intake. Cut back on the fat and calories by going for the Grilled Chicken Sandwich Wrap instead. At 240 calories and 8g of fat, this meal choice leaves you room for a few fries on the side.

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Tim Hortons

Looks can be very deceiving. A Creamy Sundried Tomato Sandwich at Tim Hortons may look healthier than a greasy burger, but it can actually be over 400 calories with 18g of fat. For a healthier choice, ask for brown bread instead of white because it contains a few less calories along with extra fibre, protein and vitamin C. You should also skip on the creamy sauce inside the sandwich to save a few more calories.

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Consumers often believe sandwiches are healthier than fried foods and greasy burgers. The truth? Even a seemingly innocent sub can be a terribly unhealthy meal choice. The Foot Long Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich is part of Subway’s low-fat menu, but still contains 760 calories, close to 60 percent of your daily calorie intake. To make this meal a healthier one, ask for grilled chicken instead and avoid the teriyaki and other sauces. The best way to fill up is to ask for lots of vegetables in your sandwich. Peppers, lettuce and even tomatoes can give your sub a juicy and satisfying taste without the extra calories.


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