3 Healthy Eating Habits to Control Diabetes

“Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic,” says Dr. Hertzel Gerstein, professor of medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. “There is a lot of research being done to find better ways of treating diabetes and identifying ways to prevent it.” Here are a few healthy eating habits to prevent, treat and control diabetes.

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Diabetes diet made up of vegetables, fish and olive oil
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1. Fatten Up Your Meals

By “fattening up your meals,” we’re not talking about adding a whole fried chicken to your plate. It’s the good fats that help control diabetes, according to a study by the National University of Singapore presented at the American Diabetes Association 2016 Scientific Sessions. The randomized trial found that a high-fat diet (like the Mediterranean diet) improved insulin resistance.

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2. Have a Java

Harvard University found that moderate coffee drinkers live longer and may be at lower risk for diabetes, suggesting that certain compounds in coffee reduce insulin resistance and inflammation. But limit yourself to two cups a day.

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3. Maintain a Balanced Diet to Control Diabetes

Seems obvious, right? But a new study published in Nutrition Interventions in Diabetes Care and Education found that sticking with a diabetes-friendly diet maintained blood sugar levels in type 2 sufferers almost as well as medication does. Diabetes Canada recommends that half of each mealtime plate be made up of at least two kinds of veggies; the other half should be evenly comprised of whole grains and meat or meal alternatives, such as eggs or tofu.

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