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7 Foods for Fighting Pain

Find out how some of the healthy foods can get rid of or prevent recurring pain – fast!

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1. Ginger

Ginger’s been used for thousands of years to help with a variety of ailments from stomachaches to heart conditions. This anti-inflammatory add-in is excellent on a variety of foods, even tea.

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2. Sage

This anti-inflammatory herb has also been shown in some research to boost memory. Perfect in poultry dishes, sage has been used for centuries and contains flavonoids that help to reduce swelling.

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3. Coffee

One cup of black coffee can provide relief from headaches and provide more antioxidants than a serving of berries. Preliminary research has also shown that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of some cancers.

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4. Salmon

Filled with Omega-3s, salmon provides an excellent source of protein and antioxidants. The fatty acids from this fish can help to lubricate tight joints in the body.

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5. Green Tea

Used for centuries for a variety of medicinal purposes, green tea is an excellent source of polyphenols which may help to reduce free radicals in the body which can cause inflammation.

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6. Olive Oil

Here’s a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that’s comparable to over the counter pain medications. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil helps reduce the risk of strokes and some cancers.

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7. Cherries

Cherries help reduce inflammation by neutralizing free radicals in the body. These tart, sweet treats can also help to stop tissue inflammation.