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4 Low-Sugar Jam Alternatives

Love making your own jams, but worried about all the sugar? No need to completely give up the sweet stuff. A few smart choices can make your homemade preserves healthier without sacrificing taste.

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1. Try PGX by Natural Factors

You can create fresh jams by mixing this special fibre blend with fruit and a touch of honey in a food processor.

With this method, you should work in small batches, freeze or refrigerate your jam and use it up within a few weeks.

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2. Choose Specially Modified Pectins

Labelled “light” or “less sugar needed,” these pectin-based jams can be stored at room temperature as long as they are canned safely.

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3. Use Gelatin or Agar-Agar

Using gelatin or agar-agar (a seaweed product) as a thickening agent allows you to reduce sugar without compromising flavour.

Bonus: Agar-agar is known for its detoxifying properties.

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4. Look for Honey-Sweetened Recipes

Honey tastes up to one and a half times sweeter than sugar, meaning you need less of it. But it doesn’t jell as easily as sugar, so consider using it in combination with modified pectin or PGX.