100-Calorie Snacks

Tired of munching on carrot sticks and celery stalks, but want to snack healthy? Break out of snacking boredom with change-of-pace foods like these. 

Why You Gotta Snack

Hunger is an extremely powerful force. Getting enough fuel for our bodies is essential to survival. It is a matter of life and death, literally, so the body has a variety of internal signals that alert it when its energy stores are dipping low. Some come from the stomach. Some originate in the brain.

The longer we go without eating, the more powerful those signals become. It doesn’t take long before they’re so urgent that almost all we can think about is food. As hunger intensifies, willpower weakens. If you get hungry enough, you’ll reach for anything.

That’s where smart snacking comes in. Help yourself to one of these sensible snacks when you feel hungry, and you’ll help to ensure that hunger pains don’t rise up and destroy your determination to eat healthy.


A takeout coffee cup or 250 ml of minestrone, vegetable or tomato soup should hit the spot on a rainy day.

V-8 Juice

Perfect for a snacker on the run, a glass of V-8 will curb your hunger and provide essential nutrients. Sip on 250 ml…or more.

Whole-Wheat Toast

One small slice, spread sparingly with butter, will give you the energy boost your body is craving.

Cheddar Cheese

Munch on a small matchbox, or 40 g of reduced-fat, mature cheddar cheese for a burst of flavour, and a dose of bone-building calcium.

Peanut Butter

Spread a tablespoon of peanut butter on a normal-size rice cake for a crunchy treat, that’s sure to quell a grumbling tummy.

Rye Crisp Bread

Spread this wholesome cracker with two tablespoons of reduced-fat hummus for a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and flavour.

Muffin Pizza

If you’re craving something special, take half an English muffin, top it with one tablespoon of pasta sauce, sprinkle on two tablespoons of grated cheese, and grill until the cheese bubbles.  


Munch on three breadsticks, dipped in three tablespoons of tomato salsa.