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10 Simple Calorie-Cutting Food Swaps

Losing a few pounds doesn’t have to be a struggle. With these simple food swaps, you can enjoy the tasty goodness of your favourite treats with a significant reduction in calories!

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Banish bread

Put some crunch in your lunch using collard greens instead of bread to roll up sandwich fillings.

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Ditch pre-flavoured yogurts

Flavour your own yogurt instead of buying pre-sweetened brands, advises Rory Hornstein, registered dietitian for the Calgary Weight Management Centre. “Stir in one teaspoon (5 mL) of maple syrup or honey, which contains only one-third of the sugar in sweetened yogurts.”

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Take your coffee black

Frappuccinos add up, warns Jane Dummer, a registered dietitian in Kitchener, Ont. Save over 220 calories by ordering a black coffee instead. 

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Bake, don’t fry

“Bake your bacon!” recommends Jo Lusted, a TV chef and the author of Dish Do-Over. When baked, excess grease collects in the catch-pan-not on your plate.

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Cut the whipping cream

For creamy sauces, Lusted suggests swapping 35 per cent whipping cream with low-fat evap­orated milk.

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Use less salad dressing

Consume less salad dressing by dipping your fork in a side serving of sauce, then spearing your greens.

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Add cauliflower to pasta

Substitute cauliflower florets for one-third of the pasta in your favourite mac and cheese.

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Say yes to yam flour

Fill your next bowl of soup with shirataki noodles-Asian-style soft noodles made from yam flour. 

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Pump up you cakes with puree

For those who want to eat their cake, too, replace the eggs, oil and water that you’d add to
a packaged cake mix with a 14-ounce (398 mL) can of pumpkin purée.

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Crack down on cream cheese

Save 90 calories at the coffee shop by asking for margarine on your bagel instead of cream cheese.