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Your Guide to Great Summer Grilling

We asked you for some of your best recipes and grilling tips. Find out about a secret technique for juicy steaks, special marinades for BBQ ribs and how to keep the veggies from cooking too fast.

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Tip: Keep It Clean

Having a well-cleaned grill along with family and good friends to share your day is the only BBQ recipe that is unbeatable. This is one recipe no one else can out do or replace, no matter what you decide to cook (steaks, burgers, dogs). – Bonnie Proulx


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Recipe: Best Grilled Chicken

    •    Get 4 boneless breast of chicken.
    •    Put orange juice into a big bowl and add seasonings of with salt, pepper, garlic and rosemary.
    •    In other bowl, put a little of the orange juice and add tooth picks to soak (than also soak in just plain water). Put the chicken into the orange marinade for one hour.
    •    Wrap a piece of bacon around the chicken and secure with a toothpick.
    •    Place on BBQ till golden and enjoy!

Another tip:

To have great BBQ chicken that is juicy and tender, parboil your chicken with skin on for 10 minutes then finish cooking it on the BBQ. – Brenda Jackson


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Recipe: Best Ribs

    •    Get a full rack and cut in half.
    •    Get a pot of boiling water.
    •    Place ribs in boiling water after adding put salt, pepper, 5 garlic cloves, 1 onion cut in half.
    •    Cook for 40-45 minutes.
    •    Pull ribs out and rub with brown sugar, then use your favourite BBQ sauce (I suggest Dianne’s rib sauce).
    •    Cook on BBQ and then enjoy!

– Douglas Dein


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Recipe: Unbeatable Steak

Ever wonder why restaurant steaks taste so delicious? Well the secret is… to brush the steaks with butter while cooking and a little when they are done! You may add crushed garlic in with the butter or whatever spice you desire. – Judy Eisen


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Tip: Separate Skewers

An important tip: put meat and vegetables on separate skewers. Otherwise it’s difficult to grill both and have them be done at the same time. Separate skewers also means you can use different basting sauces for each. – Ken Witzke


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Recipe: Terrific T-Bones

I do my T-Bones very simply. I marinate them in the fridge for a few hours in beer & Italian herbs. I put them on the heat until the blood starts coming up. Turn them over and wait until the blood comes up on the second side. Then I shut off BBQ and squirt lemon juice, coarse salt & ground pepper on the T-bones. I wait a few minutes before serving these tender and tasty steaks. – Cliff Wells


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Recipe: Sweet and Tender Spareribs

    •    Put them in a large saucepan of water, teaspoon of salt added.
    •    Bring to boil and simmer for 25 minutes on your kitchen stove/range.
    •    Dry them thoroughly, sprinkle with salt and pepper and rub soy sauce over them.
    •    Keep them on a platter in the fridge until time to BBQ. 5. Make the BBQ is hot — 350 degrees.
    •    They’ll need only 5 minutes-each side. Then put your favourite BBQ sauce on each side giving each side one minute on the BBQ.

– Dorothy Leitch


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Recipe: Best Barbecue Turkey Fillets

    •    Combine 2 ¼ cup Miracle Whip with 1 cup Jamaica steak salad dressing.
    •    Baste a turkey breast with the mixture and put on grill.
    •    Keep basting with and turn over when nicely browned. Baste other side and cook.
    •    This mixture is good on other meats as well.

– Karen


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A Few Final Tips

Tip #1: Use the leftover water from boiling corn to do cook red potatoes for potato salad. The corn water helps keep the salad fresher longer.
Tip #2: Boil ginger pieces in one gallon of water and soak quartered turkey or small roasting hens in the liquid overnight. Fry uncovered until just golden and then finish cooking in the oven.
Tip #3: Clean cast iron BBQ grates with leftover bacon grease. I’ve had the same grates for 16 years!

– Calvin


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