Tools of the BBQ Trade

No tongs required. Check out these tools that will make handy additions to your barbecue hardware. They’ll help you to expand your grilling repertoire considerably.   

Tools of the BBQ Trade

Stop shuttling in and out of the kitchen for oven dishes and cooking implements to whip up your barbecue feast. You can grill up even the most difficult ingredients with these tools, which you can hang next to the tongs and burger flipper.

A tisket, a tasket. Vegetable-lovers rejoice! A gamut of perforated cooking baskets handle veggies and small shellfish nicely. Tray-style baskets or a grill-top wok cup mushrooms or any veggie cut small enough to risk falling onto the lava rocks.

Over easy. Turning whole fish is a snap with a barbecue basket that sandwiches your daily catch. If you like your salmon smoky, slap it on a plank of aromatic cedar instead. There’s even a corncob model that holds four at a time.

Tails up! An entire bird can be upended onto the neck of an empty beer can or bottle and roasted whole. Hardware and kitchen supply stores also sell inexpensive wire frames for this purpose.

Pizza al fresco. A pizza stone or griller crisps the crust as toppings soften in a closed barbecue.

Get a grip. Rubber heat-resistant mitts, grips and handle sleeves add a dash of colour to your outdoor cookery.

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