5 Bodacious BBQ Recipes

Shake things up this Father’s Day with some zesty new recipes. We’ve got five of our favourites here, from classics like ribs and burgers to unexpected dishes like squid and goat cheese. It’s sure to be Dad’s best celebration yet.

5 Bodacious BBQ Recipes

Wings and Drumsticks in BBQ Sauce

Whether you need some finger food for the big game or a simple appetizer for summer entertaining, these low-fat turkey wings and things will be a hit.


Texas-Style Barbecued Chicken

No one does BBQ like they do down in Texas. Try your hand at this recipe for some authentic Texas style chicken. It’s easy to make and a great way to serve a crowd.


South American Style Barbecued Ribs

Want to spice up your barbecued ribs? Add some heat with this South American twist. Ginger, molasses, garlic and chiles are just a few of the zesty flavourings used.


Grilled Squid with Goat Cheese Stuffing

Instead of serving hot dogs and hamburgers at your next barbecue, how about doing something a little different? The goat cheese stuffing will add a burst of flavour to the squid.


Mama Kostick’s Barbecue Hamburgers

Need a hot new recipe for hamburgers? Try Mama Kostick’s take on a barbecued burger.


Taste of Home’s Backyard Grilling

Fire up the barbecue and get ready to enjoy more than 200 out-of-this-world recipes that put a whole new twist on the art of grilling everything from fish to vegetables. Sizzling favorites include Stuffed Pork Burgers, Glazed Country Ribs,Grilled Corn, Kebabs, Tropical Island Chicken and more!