5 Places Harry and Meghan Might Live Now That They’ve Stepped Back From Royal Duties

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have stepped down from royal duties, they're on the hunt for a new home in North America. Our royal correspondent pinpoints five possible places the rebellious royals could make their new home—along with her bets on the likelihood of each.

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Will Meghan and Harry live in Toronto?
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We’re sure life at Frogmore Cottage, located on the Queen’s Windsor Estate, is quiet and serene, but Meghan, Harry and Archie might be more at home in “the 6ix.” Meghan could be thrilled to return to her former stomping ground (she lived here for seven years while filming Suits) and her favourite haunts like Terroni and Soho House. The good news for the Duke and Duchess is that although they’ve lost the Sovereign Grant, they still have the backing of Prince Charles, so the crazy housing prices in Ontario’s capital won’t be a problem. Plus, they have multiple options for a country home nearby—a cottage in Muskoka or a farmhouse in Prince Edward County, perhaps? Thankfully, the couple already has a nanny, because at eight months old, there is *no* way Archie is getting a spot at any local daycares any time soon.

Odds: 2-1 (Someone get them Raptors’ jerseys stat!)

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Where will Harry and Meghan live now?
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Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Alternatively, if the Duke and Duchess are looking for a low-key setting along the lines of Frogmore, Vancouver Island would be ideal. The family already spent a six-week Christmas vacation at a swanky mansion in North Saanich, taking full advantage of the island’s relative seclusion—a major perk for a couple craving privacy. Plus, like Toronto, it remains within the Commonwealth, so it allows the royals to “continue to support Her Majesty The Queen” as promised in their January 8th statement. (Here’s what exactly what it means to “step back” from royal duties.)

But while Meghan and Harry have described Canadians as “warm,” we might get a bit frosty if footed with the bill for the Sussexes’ security—which is speculated to cost millions each year. Maybe Meghan could chip in by returning to her TV-movie roots: “Hollywood North” is a popular filming location for Lifetime network originals. Bring on When Sparks Fly 2!

Odds: 3-1

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Will Harry and Meghan live in LA?
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Los Angeles

Rumour has it the Duke and Duchess are in talks for a multi-million dollar Netflix show. Is that enough of a draw to lure the Sussexes to La La Land? What’s more, could we soon be cooking with Meghan? Playing polo with Prince Harry?

The most appealing aspect of L.A., of course, is that it’s the city where Meghan grew up, and where her mum Doria still lives. After the tumultuous year Meghan’s just had, she could probably do with some mother-daughter yoga. On the other hand, she may find that life as a real housewife of Beverly Hills—complete with paparazzi, tabloids and TMZ—is much worse than life under stifling palace protocol ever was.

Odds: 5-1

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Will Meghan and Harry live in New York City?
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New York City

Meghan reportedly has some major fashion deals in the pipeline, so it might make sense for the family to build their nest in North America’s fashion capital. If these plans (which include a potential partnership with Givenchy) do indeed pan out, the family could get a townhouse in Greenwich near Meghan’s friend Misha Nonoo. As Nonoo’s expecting, there’s a built-in playmate for Archie, to boot.

The only hitch here could be the media. On the Sussex Royal website, the couple say they will only work with “credible media outlets focused on objective news reporting.” Considering the tabloid scene in New York, Megs and Haz may find they’ve only succeeded in trading one vicious pack of paparazzi for another (and these ones don’t even use the Queen’s English).

Odds: 6-1

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Will Harry and Meghan live in Chicago?
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Perhaps the Duke and Duchess will move into the quiet (but luxurious) Kenwood neighbourhood that their good friends the Obamas call home. When you think about it, they’d be perfect neighbours: the Obamas have managed to turn their political ideals into philanthropic ventures, which is exactly what Harry and Meghan have said they want to do. At the very least, Barack and Michelle could give Harry and Meghan tips on how to write the perfect memoir—because this chapter of their lives is certainly going to make for a page-turner.

Odds: 10-1

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