What’s New on Netflix Canada, Amazon Prime Video and Crave: December 2018

We’re counting down the 10 must-see new releases on Netflix Canada, Amazon Prime Video and Crave this month.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season Two

You’ll like it if you like: Gilmore Girls, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Barry

After her philandering husband leaves her, upper middle-class Jewish housewife Miriam “Midge” Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) gets a second lease on life as a stand-up comedian when she drunkenly stumbles onto the stage at a Manhattan comedy club. In season two (set in 1959), the fast-talking Midge sets her sights on the Catskills—and even Paris! Filled with sharp dialogue, gorgeous costumes and—for the first time on the show—choreographed musical numbers, Emmy Award-winning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel kicks off its sophomore season in style. Amazon Prime Video, December 5.

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Super Monsters and the Wish Star
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Super Monsters and the Wish Star

You’ll like it if you like: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rugrats and The Boss Baby

Tired of watching the same old holiday movies year after year? Spend your Christmas with the Super Monsters! Based on the children’s television series of the same name, Super Monsters and the Wish Star follows a group of children whose parents are some of the world’s most famous monsters. Guaranteed fun for the entire family. Netflix Canada, December 7.

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J.K. Simmons in Counterpart
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Counterpart: Season Two

You’ll like it if you like: The X-Files, Orphan Black and The Americans

In this mind-bending science-fiction series, Academy Award-winner J.K. Simmons stars as Howard Silk, a lowly United Nations employee who discovers that his organization has discovered the ability to cross into parallel dimensions—and that his world is embroiled in a Cold War with the parallel world. The only person he can trust? Prime: his secret agent doppelgänger from the other side. Crave, December 9.

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The Innocent Man
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The Innocent Man

You’ll like it if you like: Making a Murderer, The Staircase and The Jinx

Calling all true crime fans! The Innocent Man examines two different cases—the murders of Debra Sue Carter in 1982 and Donna Denice Haraway in 1984—that shook the small town of Ada, Oklahoma. The two men convicted of Carter’s murder were later exonerated; the two other men convicted of Haraway’s murder, however, are still in prison for a crime they may not have committed. Based on John Grisham’s non-fiction book of the same name, The Innocent Man reveals just how imperfect the legal system can be. Netflix Canada, December 14.

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You’ll like it if you like: Y Tu Mamá También and Great Expectations (1998)

After directing the space epic Gravity, Academy Award-winner Alfonso Cuarón returns to Earth with Roma, widely regarded as one of 2018’s best films. Set in Mexico City in 1970, the autobiographical film follows maid Cleo and the upper middle-class household she oversees: Sofia, doctor husband Antonio, and their four young children. Soon, Cleo’s personal life begins to mirror her employers’ disintegrating marriage while political tensions in Mexico escalate. Intimate, poetic and stunningly photographed, Roma is personal filmmaking on the grandest scale imaginable. Netflix Canada, December 14.

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Ellen DeGeneres
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Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

You’ll like it if you like: Ellen DeGeneres

The famous television host’s Netflix debut will be her first standup special in 15 years. Filmed live at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable features new material she created for her eight-show West Coast tour last August. Netflix Canada, December 18.

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Sandra Bullock in Bird Box
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Bird Box

You’ll like it if you like: A Quiet Place, The Road and I Am Legend

In a post-apocalyptic future, unknown creatures are causing the world’s population to lose their minds and become suicidal. The only solution? Never make eye contact with the creatures in the first place. In Bird Box, based on the 2014 novel of the same name, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) must avoid a group of zombie-like survivors and guide her children to safety—while blindfolded. Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich and Jacki Weaver also star. Netflix Canada, December 21.

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Frontier: Season Three

You’ll like it if you like: Game of ThronesVikings and Godless

Put Game of Thrones and The Revenant together and you’ll end up with Frontier, a Canadian historical period drama set in the 1700s. Jason Momoa stars as Declan Harp, a half Irish, half Native-American outlaw who uses guerilla tactics to end the monopoly of the Hudson’s Bay Company on the Canadian fur trade. Season three of Frontier sees agents from the powerful trading empire and the British Army violently crack down on all dissenters, from the burgeoning city of Montreal to the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Crave, December 22.

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Absentia: Season One

You’ll like it if you like: Castle, The OA and Dexter

While hunting Boston’s most notorious serial killer, FBI agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) disappears without a trace and is declared dead. Six years later, she’s found in a cabin in the woods with no recollections of the time was missing. After returning home to find that her husband has remarried and her son is being raised by another woman, Byrne is implicated in a series of grisly murders. Amazon Prime Video, December 25.

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Avengers: Infinity War
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Avengers: Infinity War

You’ll like it if you like: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Avengers have fought and destroyed otherworldly foes before, but nothing could have prepared them for Thanos: a seemingly unstoppable supervillain on the hunt for the most powerful objects in the universe, the Infinity Stones. With a surprisingly moving story, impressive action sequences, and one of the best cast of actors and actresses ever assembled, Avengers: Infinity War might just be the ultimate superhero movie. For now, at least. Netflix Canada, December 25.

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