We’re Looking for the Greatest Canadian Neighbours!

Do you have a funny, quirky or heartfelt story to share with us about how the person one, three or 12 doors down made a difference in your life? We would love to hear who you think is Canada’s Greatest Neighbour.

We're Looking for the Greatest Canadian Neighbours!Photo: iStock

Being a neighbour can mean so much more than simply living next door to or around the corner from someone. Whether it’s the result of an act of generosity or a bond forged over years, neighbours can play an important role in our lives.

In our August issue, Reader’s Digest will publish a selection of memoirs about remarkable moments or relationships between neighbours.  For full details, click here.

* Text submissions should be between 50 and 450 words.
* Photo submissions must be large format (as large as available), 300 DPI, JPEG or TIFF, and include a description (max. 75 words).
* Deadline for submissions: April 24, 2015
* Publication date: July 12, 2015