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Just me and the sea

Just me and the sea

A silhouette of my husband on a warm evening September 2012, on the waters of Chedabucto Bay, N.S.; inspired me to capture the moment. As his image melted into the sunset, the air was filled with peaceful contentment. I was drawn to his image in the fading light and realized this special moment would last a lifetime.

Sharon Heighton, Guysborough, N.S.

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Life's Little Secrets

Life’s Little Secrets

This is a picture of my daughter Amanda and our dog Bella. They are very close and Bella is like another “child” in our family. The first photo is Bella telling Amanda a secret, the 2nd is “kiss” and the 3rd is Bella and Amanda having a heart-to-heart “talk”. They are my pride and joy, These were taken in our home in Dryden Ontario. I used my Fujifilm camera.

Wendy Boudreau, Dryden, Ont.

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I thought this new dock close to our home was a nice place to spend a few quiet moments with my kids to end our day. The mountains were mist covered and the water was nice and calm as the sun was starting to set just the perfect way to reflect on the beauty of our own community. We are very thankful to live so close to nature and be surrounded by natural beauty.

Nancy Cameron, Mabou, N.S.

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My Memorable Moment

My Memorable Moment

My special moment occurred on November 09,2010. I had retired from the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and was invited to the retirement supper, My husband Harry had throat cancer and had a feeding tube in his stomach. He was so disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to go, so I called the hotel and told them about my problem. My husband could swallow some foods that I specially prepared and chopped to a certain texture. They allowed me to prepare his meal at home and bring it in. They served it with all the other meals and came out with a special ice cream dessert that he could eat. My husband and I were really appreciative. For one night he was just like every one else, and my special night was even more memorable. The best thing about it was we were celebrating our 42nd anniversary that night also. Sadly he passed away on December 08,2011 but I still have our memories.

Mary Phillips, Sydney, N.S.

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Snow Grazing

Snow Grazing

After encountering a traveller from Poland on the bus to Jasper, I made a plan with him to go for a hike. We took a loop trail just outside of town. Along the trail, we noticed a few big horn sheep from a distance. We stopped on a snow-covered pasture-like spot on the side of a mountain to photograph the scenery. As we were shooting photos, I large herd of big horn snook up behind us and the next thing we knew, we were surrounded by them. A very cool experience!

Sean Behnsen, Victoria, B.C.

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Big Old Barn

Big Old Barn

This Big Old Barn is at least 70 yrs old, and sits on the Procter Family Farm, in the Mabel Lake/Lumby area of BC land which has been in the family for more then 100 yrs. The Barn, if it could tell stories of the area, it would have so much to tell.

Cindy Procter, Lumby, B.C.

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Heaven's Horizon

Heaven’s Horizon

It was a moment I will never forget. It was the Spring of 2010…and I was volunteering at the Salem Acre’s Bible Camp just East of Red Deer, AB. As the kids were all gathering around the outside fire for their evening entertaining, I was out for a quiet walk alone as the sun was setting. Off in the distance, I could see the sky appearing to be almost on fire. I rushed to the end of a trail to the large cross that overlooks the river valley to get this picture. It was one of those special moments that I was able to experience alone, but certainly did not feel alone at all.

Scott Simpson, Nelson, B.C.

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