The Story of Rudolph

Read this story aloud to your children or get them to interpret the story. The script can also be used for a puppet show since the estage directions (in italics) show where to use different puppets and props.  The  links below offer directions on how to make the puppets and backdrops.

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Rudolph frolics in the snow. The Tiny Reindeer come in and laugh at him.

Once upon a time,  there lived at the North Pole a young reindeer named Rudolph. He was a lively, happy reindeer and loved playing in the snow. But one day, the other reindeer noticed that he had a very large, bright red nose, and they teased him about it without mercy.

Rudolph is sad and begins to cry. The Tiny Reindeer prance off, still laughing.

Rudolph was sad because it was Christmas Eve and he was afraid that, because of his shiny nose, he would never be chosen to pull Santa’s sleigh. He went to visit Santa and Elf, who were getting all their presents ready.  They were always kind to Rudolph and never mentioned his funny nose.

Rudolph cheers up and trots off to see Santa and Elf, who are busy with all their presents. He helps them work. While they work, day turns to night.

At last, Santa boomed, “Elf, I must go now. Let’s load up the presents.”

Santa and Elf pack up the sleigh, while Rudolph helps them.
When all was ready, Santa asked, “Where are my eight reindeer? I need their strength to pull
my sleigh.”

The Tiny Reindeer prance onstage and proudly take their places in front of the sleigh.

Then Santa looked around him and noticed how foggy the night had become. He was worried that he would not be able to see his way. Suddenly he spied Rudolph with his bright red nose, and he had a very bright idea!

They get ready to leave but Santa stops them in their tracks. Then everyone’s eyes turn to Rudolph, standing alone at the side.

“Rudolph,” he cried, “I want YOU-with your shiny nose- to light the way for my sleigh tonight!”

Santa points to Rudolph, and the Tiny Reindeer cheer him.

The Tiny Reindeer made way for Rudolph. Now everybody loved him and said what a very special reindeer he was. From then on, Rudolph was Santa’s first choice every Christmas Eve.

Santa and Rudolph wave goodbye and fly away over the rooftops of houses, with their sleigh full of Christmas presents.

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