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The Reading List: 4 Great Books for January

Round out your January reading list with these new releases.

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The Confidence Game by Maria Konnikova

If you’re hoping to fool unwitting victims, it helps to have an outsized sense of self-assurance. That’s one of the many qualities shared by the gallery of rogues in The Confidence Game, a gripping examination of what motivates successful swindlers. Author Maria Konnikova, a journalist with a PhD in psychology, is fascinated by unusual minds-her previous book aimed to get readers thinking like Sherlock Holmes. Here, she neatly dissects the anatomy of an effective con. 

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The Wildings by Nilanjana Roy

Perched midway between fantasy and urban-nature reportage, this debut novel from Nilanjana Roy imagines the internecine workings of a complex thriving community of feral cats in Delhi, India. It’s part Watership Down and part Slumdog Millionaire-and entirely mesmerizing. 

3 / 4

The Happy Marriage by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Framed as a bracing he-said-she-said, this book by one of Morocco’s most lauded novelists tells the story of a fraught relationship: a husband struggling to recover from a stroke and his increasingly empowered wife. 

4 / 4

Neurologic by Eliezer Sternberg

In Neurologic, Eliezer Sternberg (a real-life neurologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital) explores whether our most erratic, idiosyncratic, irrational actions have a root in the chemistry and mechanics of our brains. 

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