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The Reading List: 4 Great Books for December

Round out your winter reading list with these new releases.

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Dark Corners by Ruth Rendell

Before her death earlier this year at the age of 85, British baroness Ruth Rendell was the ruling grande dame of crime fiction, having earned a wide following for her police procedurals and psychological thrillers. Dark Corners, her posthumous novel, examines the twisted relationship that develops between a man mired in guilt and the tenant who blackmails him. Like the rest of the Rendell canon, it’s captivating and sinister. 

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The Hunt for Vulcan by Thomas Levenson

Thomas Levenson brings his knack for sharp narrative to The Hunt for Vulcan: an account of our solar system’s “missing” planet-and the scientists who helped solve the puzzle.

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John Le Carré: The Biography by Adam Sisman

The pre-eminent spy novelist and author known as John le Carré is as elusive as his secret-agent characters. Sisman, an acclaimed biographer (An Honourable Englishman), shines a light on the man behind the nom de plume in John Le Carré: The Biography.

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After Alice by Gregory Maguire

In 1995, Maguire reimagined Oz with his hit book Wicked. He pays a similar visit to Wonderland in After Alice, tracking Alice’s pal Ada as she follows her friend down the rabbit hole.