The RD Reader Week 3: Grit, Survival and Separation

This week, two incredible stories of survival – from an axe attack to the head and a serial killer’s rampage, plus an inside look at a new approach to helping boys close the gender gap.

The RD Reader Week 3: Grit, Survival and Separation

Quickie news updates, cheat sheets and Tweets dominate modern life, but sometimes you just want to stop, put your feet up and read something substantial. That’s why we’ve dug into the Reader’s Digest archives to bring you the RD Reader, a weekly collection of some of our finest longer stories from across the globe. Sit back and immerse yourself in these captivating tales.

This week’s picks:

True Grit – Why an Axe to the Head Couldn’t Stop Trevor Greene

Nearly killed on duty in Afghanistan, Trevor Greene seemed condemned to spend the rest of his days in a coma. Unbreakable determination and his fiancee’s love brought him back to life.

Surviving the BTK Killer

After a serial killer brutally murdered his family, Charlie Otero went from the honour roll to life as a paranoid outlaw. It took 31 years to catch the killer – and for Charlie to heal himself.

Boys Apart – Will Segregating Young Males Help Them Succeed at School?

Fewer and fewer Canadians males are suceeding at school. Is giving them their own space to move the secret to reversing the troubling trend?