That’s Outrageous: 3 Weird Stories About Unbelievably Lucky People

We’d love to know what kind of good luck charms these unbelievably lucky people are carrying around!

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Lucky people win the lottery twice
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Lucky People Win the Lottery—Twice

When Bruce Magistro won $1 million playing scratch cards in 2012, the victory was bittersweet. The Long Island, N.Y., construction worker’s wife was battling cancer, and he spent most of the money on medical bills. Then, in March 2016, Magistro won another cool million. Yolanda Vega, the state lottery employee who handed him his first cheque, said she’d had a good feeling about Magistro: “He was positive and outgoing. I knew he’d win again.” Still, his streak likely had more to do with perseverance than his sunny disposition—Magistro sometimes buys more than $100 worth of scratch cards at once.

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Lucky people have their wallets returned
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Lucky People Have Their Wallets Returned

At first, nothing seemed unusual about the wallet Kevin Miller found in a parking lot near his home in Florida. He simply reported it to the authorities. Then he counted the money inside—$3,400—and called right back. Miller was worried the cash was stolen, or that the cops would think he’d stolen it. Thankfully there was nothing nefarious about the wayward funds, and the wallet was returned to the woman who’d lost it. Miller’s actions didn’t go unrewarded: the sheriff’s office has nominated him for a cit­izen’s award.

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Lucky people find lost pets after a decade
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Lucky People Find Lost Pets—Even If It Takes a Decade

Eleven years ago, Henry McCrea’s cat. Misty, escaped from his home in Portland, Ore. When she didn’t return, McCrea figured the golden-eyed feline had been eaten by a coyote. But in July, the prodigal critter was found and delivered safely to a local animal shelter. The owner and his family turned out to be lucky people: thanks to a microchip implanted in Misty’s back, that shelter was able to reunite the animal McCrea. The man’s stepmom, Meredyth Warren, told a local news crew that the pudgy cat had clearly managed to fend for herself during her decade-plus away from home: “You can tell she hasn’t missed a lot of meals.”

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