A Life Saved

A letter from reader Elechia Barry-Sproule on how an article in Reader’s Digest saved her life.

A Life Saved

I’d like to thank both Ron and Cari MacLean for “Minutes From Death” (Aug. 2013). The story saved my life.

After falling while visiting a friend last July, my ankle and foot began hurting. When the pain got worse, I was diagnosed with a broken navicular bone at the hospital. I was told not to put pressure on my foot, and over the next two weeks my life became very sedentary. I soon began feeling a charley horse-like pain in my calf, and within a week, I began having chest pain, too, which I attributed to poor sleep. When my breathing became laboured while climbing the stairs, I made plans to see my doctor in the near future.

A few days later, while flipping through the August issue of Reader’s Digest Canada, I came across the article about the MacLeans, and how Cari nearly passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Upon finishing the piece, I immediately called Telehealth Ontario and was advised to rush to the hospital.

When I arrived, I was quickly taken into the emergency room and assessed by a doctor. His theory was that I had a blood clot in my lung. A CT scan revealed two large pulmonary embolisms and a number of smaller clots. I was immediately given blood thinners, which I am still taking. I was later sent home with a new lease on life, and the realization that had I not read your article, I might not be here today.

-Elechia Barry-Sproule, Newmarket, Ont.

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