Inside the November 2022 Issue of Reader’s Digest Canada

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Reader's Digest Canada - November 2022 detail

Cover Story
Only Good News
2022 wasn’t all bad. Here’s a year’s worth of heartwarming, world-shaking, awe-inspiring and straight-up happy-making reasons to smile.

Drama in Real Life
Swept Away!
If the hydro workers didn’t act fast, Sherry Vyverberg would be carried over Niagara Falls or caught in the swirling blades of the powerhouse turbines.

Life Lesson
Dishing Dirt
Not all gossip is bad. How to quash the mean-spirited kind.

Buzz Kill
New studies show that even moderate drinking is a health hazard. Here’s a frank look at the gruesome toll alcohol takes on the body.

Medical Mystery
Blame Game
If it wasn’t her weight, what was causing her pain?

Between the Lines
Canadians share their fondest memories of Reader’s Digest, and what the magazine has meant to them over the past 75 years.

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